The Joy of Painting Flowers

I love fresh flowers, besides they enliven and beautify your home, they’re also a great subject for a painting. After my family’s morning rush hour, I feel fortunate to start up my day with a simple watercolor study and a cup of coffee. Enjoy my morning inspiration!

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  1. Jean

    Flowers are my all time favorite subject for painting too! I cannot get enough of them.
    I love how you use monochromatic color with only a small number of colors on your flowers. ???

  2. Simone Li

    Hi Jean, Vivian, Hein, Maria & Megan,

    Thank you all for reading my blog and for the encouraging feedback!!


  3. Mary Moores

    These are gorgeous!!! I am so impressed at how you elevated the subject matter of the flowers above and beyond the rendition of what they looked like.

    1. Post

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