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About Me

Welcome to my professional website and blog. This is where I post my creative work that I enjoy sharing with you!

Here’s my basic story:

Got my MSc from Eindhoven University of Technology. Was then hired as an urban designer for a Dutch firm to produce appealing concepts for a variety of companies and Dutch governances. I loved my designs, as did my clients, but then…

…my husband and I got an offer to move the family to the United States, where I could not only finger paint with my two toddlers but also join a thriving adult artistic community, just outside of NYC.

I’m combining now my expertise as an urban designer with my passion for making drawings and paintings using a variety of media such as watercolor, acrylic, oils and pastel.

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While taking several inspiring art classes at The Summit Visual Arts Center, I’m living my dream of finding the right media and developing my skills set to become an experienced artist.

I love to work with different media and paint a variety of scenes, from landscape, urban to abstract.

Driven by urban dynamics, pure landscapes and season impressions I’m bringing my passion to life. I hope that you enjoy looking through my paintings as much as I have enjoyed capturing them.

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Graphic Design

I love to brainstorm about new concepts, to make sketches and finally translate ideas in a graphic design using Adobe Professional Programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign).

As an urban designer it is equally important to translate and capture ideas and drawings in a digital presentation. I have leveraged my skills set to a more personal environment designing brochures, flyers, posters and a variety of cards.