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I love to brainstorm about new concepts, “to give a design a story”. This is, for me, the most interesting and creative part of the design process. Inspired by the famous Form Follows Function principle associated with modernist architecture and industrial design in the 20th century, my customized cards start with a story and the visualization will follow:

Form Follows the StorySimone Li

The Story Behind
This past spring I was lucky to attend a wedding party in Monnickendam—an old Dutch fisherman’s village, located just 15 kilometers northeast of Amsterdam, and I enjoyed a splendid afternoon on a Dutch sailing barge. A few months later, while I was brainstorming about a baby card design for the newly weds, I came up with the idea of weaving the sailing barge into the design. So here it is… a small photo impression of Monnickendam and how I’ve turned this into an unique card!

View at canal and authentic canal houses (Monnickendam)

Harbor Monnickendam

View over the lake (Markermeer) from the boat.

Above photo has, for me, almost a paradoxical character. The houses are obviously lying below sea level, but still built with confidence right behind the dike—fascinating view! The Dutch have a long tradition in building dikes. Almost a third of the Netherlands is situated below sea level (see map below). For the curious readers, who may be interested in more Dutch Water Facts, feel free to visit www.holland.com.

Source: Actueel Hoogtebestand Nederland (www.ahn.nl)

Back to the design of the card… Since I had also the honor to make the design for their first child, I thought it would be nice to make this card part of a serie, so that was my starting point. Personal elements and memories are also recognizable in the design (the sister and the Dutch sailing barge).

The sister, standing on the shore of the lake, calls out for her new baby brother, who is on the sailboat.
Part #2

Part #1

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  1. EJ

    Beautiful – what an inspring insight in your creative design process – I love the result

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  2. Donna Stone

    Oh Simone!!!!
    You are the clever and inspiring one. I just love these cards and the story behind them. You are on a “roll” — continue to pursue with gusto!!!!
    Hugs to you and the family.


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  3. Monique

    Ziet er super leuk uit Simone.
    En het verhaal erachter versterkt het, alhoewel ik als Nederlander het beeld ook wel begreep!
    dat was vast de bedoeling, dus missie geslaagd.
    Groetjes Monique

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