Check Out My Latest Book: “Bringing the Outdoors In”

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just finished my latest book Bringing the Outdoors In—a photo book full of ideas for fine arts and crafts classes, and it shows the concept behind the title. In this blog post I share with you a preview of my book and a link to view the entire publication on Issuu, a digital publishing platform.

Preview from my book Bringing the Outdoors In


We—artists young and old—all walk through a world full of inspiration. Whether we are traveling afar or roaming near home, inspiration abounds!

I get my inspiration from every corner: meandering through nature, exploring urban landscapes, visiting museums, and listening to music. I enjoy the dynamics of human movement all around me, be it in my day-to-day here in The Netherlands or while exploring other cultures and connecting with people from around the world.

At Arts By The People, a nonprofit educational arts program, I taught a variety of fine arts and crafts classes at a senior center in New Jersey. These seniors find themselves spending most of their “golden years” indoors with fond memories of places they’ve lived in seasons passed. So I jumped in to help them revisit their golden moments with my Box of Traveling Paints. The result was Bringing the Outdoors In! 

Since I love sharing my passion for art, I came up with the idea of weaving my inspiration and my Traveling Paints blog into my classes. Please see the next two images for an illustration of this concept.


Bringing the Outdoors In

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Paul Rabinowitz from Arts By The People for giving me the opportunity and artistic freedom to teach at The Lester Senior Housing Community in Whippany. It’s been a privilege to work with this enthusiastic and talented group of seniors.

I also would like to thank the seniors for their active participation and for sharing their memories and knowledge about the subjects we have worked on in class—it all became part of the art.

Inside you’ll find a photo impression of my fine arts and crafts classes.

Simone Li
‘s-Hertogenbosch, January 2017

Interested to view the entire publication? Please click on the link below:

For the readers, who may have been inspired by my concept and are ready to bring the outdoors in, feel free to contact me at simone@simoneli.com.


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  1. Jan Hazendonk

    Een groot compliment Simone, het ziet er geweldig uit. Volgens mij ben je heel inspirerend bezig geweest als ik de foto’s en de resultaten van je workshops aanschouw. Jan

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  2. Donna S

    Your Issuu booklet is just a great work of art in itself. In viewing the ‘production’ I smiled and could feel
    all the warmth and happiness that was generated by your teaching to these happy recipients. Your gift of
    art and caring and teaching, and commemoration via this book, well it is a wonderful and vibrant
    accomplishment. Kudos!

    1. Post

      Dear Donna,
      Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, very encouraging!
      And as not native writer of English, I always enjoy and learn from your well-written text!

  3. Roseriet

    Wauw van harte gefeliciteerd.
    Mooi samengebracht.
    Blije ouderen geven blijdschap.
    Maak ook andere ouderen en jongeren blij met jouw inspirerend, vitaliserend talent!

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  4. EJ

    What a great piece of art, Well done, I love it!

    I know what it means to you and I know how much energy, time and love you put into your first book, you can feel the passion browsing through your inspiring journey, bringing the outdoors in.

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