Manhattan Skyline

This weekend my family, friends and I went to Liberty State Park located on Upper New York Bay in Jersey City, and we enjoyed a splendid summer afternoon. We picked out a beautiful spot in front of the Manhattan skyline along the Hudson River. While my children were playing around and watching the boats, I took the opportunity to paint the skyline. Right away I was struck by the richness of colors of the building’s facades. It was also surprising to see how the ever-changing light of day affected these colors—like a magic color ball.

ind01-B16 Manhattan skyline-01a.indd

View of the Manhattan Skyline from our spot along the hudson River

manhattan watercolor1200x789

Plein Air Watercolor Sketch Manhattan Skyline

Since this skyline is so impressive with all its vibrant colors, I couldnt wait to start with a pastel version back home. For my pastel drawings I’m using my favorite paper from the brand “Pastelmat”. First I started with a monochromatic underpainting in an eggplant color to block in the darkest darks and the middle values.

20150903-manhattan skyline underpainting

Step 1: Work in Progress – Pastel Underpainting

The next step is adding colors. Although I’m using a reference photo, it’s a challenge to create one’s own interpretation of the subject. My goal is not to make a perfect copy of the photo. I think the challenge is to create a painting that’s more exciting to look at than the photo.

manhattan pastel1200x789

Step 2: Finished Pastel Painting Manhattan Skyline

I took a lot of reference photos, so I have plenty of inspiration for future paintings of this amazing skyline. Stay tuned!

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